Boosting Design Quality: Key Metrics to Track for Success

Our founder, Jamie Walker, recently shared some super handy tips in an interview on DesignRush.

June 19, 2024
Design metrics interview with Jamie

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At Studio Twofold, we believe exceptional design is the cornerstone of effective branding and creative strategy.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality design solutions is unwavering, and we’re always looking for valuable insights to strengthen our processes.

It’s what makes us jump out of bed in the morning (well, that and coffee).

Why Care About Design Metrics?

Think of design metrics like your car’s dashboard. Without those little dials and lights, you wouldn’t know if you’re speeding, low on gas, or about to overheat.

Design metrics help us know if our design is on track or needs a tune-up.

Our Favorite Design Tips

Our founder, Jamie Walker, recently shared some super handy tips in an interview on DesignRush.

Here are our favorites:

  1. User Engagement Metrics: These are like knowing if your party guests are having fun.
    If people are clicking, scrolling, and staying on your site, you’re doing great!
  2. Usability Metrics: Ever tried to find the bathroom in a new restaurant?
    That’s usability. If users can find what they need easily, they’ll stick around.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal Metrics: This is all about first impressions.
    Does your website make people go “Wow!” or “Whoa!”? Aim for the first one.
  4. Performance Metrics: Speed matters.
    No one likes waiting, especially online. Make sure your site is fast and responsive.

How We Do It at Studio Twofold

At Studio Twofold, we have always prioritized the fusion of aesthetics and functionality in our design projects.

Incorporating these metrics into our workflow allows us to refine our processes and deliver superior results.

Whether it’s a brand overhaul, a website redesign, or a new creative campaign, these insights help us ensure that our work stands out and drives success for our clients.

We once designed a site that was beautiful but slow – users were leaving faster than we could say “404 error.”

By checking our metrics, we found the problem and fixed it.

Now, our designs are not just pretty faces—they perform well too!

Check Out the Full Article

Want to dive deeper? Read Jamie’s full interview on DesignRush. It’s packed with tips to help your design shine.

Let’s Work Together

If you want help making your design the best it can be, give us a shout at Studio Twofold.

We’re here to help you look good and perform better. Let’s make something amazing together!

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