The importance of consistency to build a solid brand

Most people only buy from brand’s they trust. Your brands consistency is the biggest indicator people watch to evaluate if they should trust your brand.

May 26, 2020
Consistant Brand design example

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Branding is much more than just a cool logo or a well-placed advertisement. A solid brand is the foundation upon which your corporate culture and future growth is built.

Crucial to every business, it tells people that you care about what you deliver, that you live up to what you promise, and it shows off a glimmer of your personality — after all, it’s the make-up for your public image; an identity that people can relate to. A well-managed brand can meet customers’ expectations and skyrocket your authority through the roof.

To be reliable is to be consistent – brand consistency is the key to earning customer trust and elevating your ROI (return on investment). Alternatively, inconsistent branding dampens brand status and creates confusion in the marketplace, which can limit your chances to generate leads and sales. Focused and consistent branding makes it clear to customers what they can expect from you.

It is vital for your brand to remain consistent across all print and digital touchpoints. Remaining consistent visually with colour palettes and images, along with messaging on your website, social media, emails, signage and in-store experiences should all have one consistent voice.

This consistency across the customer experience is what breeds trust. Trust produces sales and encourages loyal and repeat customers. People buy from brands they feel connected to.

Every stage in your customer’s experience should be branded in order to maintain consistency. So, think about the typical journey that your customer goes through for you to land a sale. It might involve:

  1. Finding you on social media
  2. Visiting your website
  3. Subscribing to your email newsletter
  4. Converting into a lead or sale

So remember, if your brand is not consistent across all touchpoints for the customer’s journey, it is unlikely it will end in a sale as over 60% of shoppers prefer to buy from brands they trust – Communications need to remain consistent!

Unsure what this means for your business or where to start on your branding journey?

Ask us! We love working with ambitious businesses to help define a brand that drives success.

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