5 Ways to Improve the SEO of your website

Improve the SEO of your website to help rise to the top of search engine results – and get more customers.

improve SEO on your website

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Aussies like to be well informed before parting with their hard-earned cash. In Australia, 84% of consumers will check out research online before making a purchase or using your service. This means your website not only has to sell the right goods but also answer the readers’ burning questions and load quickly! Improving the SEO of your website will attract more of your ideal clients and move your website up the ranks on Google.

You may be the best plumber, florist or chimney sweep, but you won’t get any business if no one knows about you. These days having a website from 2011 isn’t enough, you also need to have well written and relevant information to be found on Google. Here are 5 ways you can improve your website to attract the right clients.

How to improve the SEO of your website

  1. Have an easy to navigate menu bar

Don’t place your privacy, terms and conditions and shipping information in the main navigation bar. Sure, they’re important, but people want to see what you sell or the service you provide. Make it easy for them to find this, by placing it first in the main navigation bar.

  1. Reduce your photo sizes

A lot of large product photos can slow down your website. This isn’t good for impatient people with money to burn. Make your website load faster by reducing the size of your photos.

  1. Have an orderly website structure

Think carefully about your categories and subcategories. There should be 3 clicks or less to get to a product and try to think of having similar amounts of products in each category. For example, don’t have 20 products in your ‘cakes’ category and 2 products in your ‘cupcakes’ category.

  1. Your images are searchable

Name all of your images and add alt tags to each. If you don’t then you’re missing out on a great way for customers to search for your products or services. Even if the picture is of a person carrying a bucket of mud, name it something that’s searchable.

  1. Get an SEO Copywriter to write your product descriptions, case studies or blogs

Customers are doing their own research online before purchasing. If they have nothing to read on your website, why would they buy from you? If you sell cakes, have a blog post about a commonly asked question. Should you keep a cake in the fridge? Tips on cake decorating or popular birthday cakes for kids are examples of blog posts your website could also have.

The more time someone spends reading your website the better. It sends a clear message to Google that it must be pretty awesome and relevant to their search query.

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