Forrest Small Homes

Forrest Small Homes

Forward-thinking brand strategy for builder

Forrest Small Homes works with forward-thinking families to provide expert, bespoke home building advice and services in a relaxed environment with an open and transparent voice, helping them feel hopeful and reassured.

Construction Branding for Forrest Small Homes

Evolving construction branding to target new markets.

Construction is a competitive industry with a lot of players. The challenge for Studio Twofold was to make Forrest stand out while keeping their already established brand and the nostalgia tied to it.


Bridging the past with the new, a new client-focused approach.

Bridging the past structural engineering history of Forrest with the new client-focused approach, Studio Twofold had to bring contrasting aesthetics and ideas into one cohesive message – resulting in their new brand identity that targets small homes.

Built on a strong foundation for future growth, the brand showcases the best of how Forrest can inspire hope in the lives of people who want to own their very own homes.

Brand Identity
Logo Design
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Vehicle Graphics
Web Development
STF Forest Branding
STF Forest Branding

Small footprint,
big living.

Working with Forrest, Studio Twofold rolled out the new brand across all their customer touchpoints, from business cards to construction fencing.

The website evolved with the business, growing to target the small home niche within the construction industry.

Forrest Small Homes is busier today than they have ever been, with demand for their services helping them expand and grow the company to new heights.


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