Ms Penny’s Tutoring

Ms Penny’s Tutoring

Professional tutoring rebrand with a home and handwritten appeal.

Tutoring Company Rebrand Case Study By Studio Twofold

Tutoring Company Rebrand logo

Putting each unique student first is what they do.

Tutoring companies can come in all shapes and sizes. Discovering what makes Ms Penny’s unique was a pleasant adventure with Penny’s help.

We walked through Penny’s needs and discovered her unique passion for placing each and every student at the forefront of what she does – so we set about making sure her branding reflects that.

Tutoring Company Rebrand logo

A unique brand identity that captures how each student is seen.

We created a brand identity that emboldened the unique passion that the staff at Ms Penny hold. It brings a visual identity to life with Ms Penny’s values – growth, nurture, knowledge and support.

Ms Penny’s signage, visual identity, social media and website design were made cohesive to ensure a great brand experience for all clients they interact with.

Brand Identity
Logo Design
User Interface Design
WebSITE Development

Custom brand illustrations
tutor website design
tutoring marketing website
Ms Penny's Tutoring Logo

“Sarah and Jamie from Studio Twofold are nothing short of amazing! They are professional, helpful, patient and very grounded. 

They took the time to actively listen and get a thorough understanding of what I hoped my brand would reflect, from the creative process of creating the brand and related material, all the way through to building the website and having it go live.

They willingly gave up their time to help me and advise me about my uniforms, social media and signage too. They go above and beyond, and are truly wonderful people to work with. 

My team at Ms Penny’s Tutoring and I can’t thank them enough. Our business and workplace is a reflection of all we wish to embody. Thank you!”

Penny Remollino
Director, Ms Penny’s Tutoring

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